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Book Cover: Mexico by Touch

Mexico by Touch - Reader Reviews

Beth Case (Houston, TX USA)
Larry's story is so incredible, I'm surprised no one has turned it into a movie yet. At times funny, at other times heartbreaking, this is the story of a life that would be amazing even for someone without a disability. … a story definitely worth reading.

C. Moss (Tyler, TX USA)
I laughed out loud while following the adventures of this courageous and talented risk taker. I am so pleased he survived to share his experiences, the characters he met, the excitement of his fascinating radio career, the courtship of his wife and all of the other twists and turns. I can't wait to see it made into a movie!

Paul C. Adams (Oklahoma City, OK, USA)
An entertaining and very inspiring book. You won't want to put it down after you start it. A great story about not giving up on your dreams. The story line flows nicely, mixing falling out of your chair humor with serious life situations.

Dr. Philip Suarez (Victoria, X, USA)
To tout this book as "inspirational" is a clear understatement - but we're stuck with common words. So it's a wonderfully "inspirational" story that will keep you turning the pages quickly till the very end. Warning: if you have convinced yourself that you just can't succeed because of some "unfair" card dealt to you, Larry will convince you to keep trying.

Jim Martinez (Houston,TX, USA)
It's nice to read a book about positive affirmations that isn't just filled with cliche quotes. Larry Johnson lived those quotes and he is by no means lived a cliche life. VIVA LARRY!!

Ruth C. Buerkle (San Antonio, TX, USA)
This is a delightful, adventurous tale of a young man, told with innocence and humor as he lives and matures in a country far from home. Within a few short pages I was laughing out loud at the precarious situations surrounding him, relishing the marvelous episodes of his stories. The fact that he is blind is almost incidental. His city is sprinkled with colorful people and happenings. He lives, and works, and learns and experiences, and loves and marries and lives his life filled with touching insight in a series of lovely vignettes he shares with us.

Patricia E. Morgan (Laguna Beach, CA, USA)
Any American who has lived abroad, especially in Mexico, will be deeply touched by his book. His characters are vivid and his descriptions of Mexico are endearing. His adventures are funny, charming & interesting, and bring to life a time that was more innocent. I could literally not put the book down, and was sorry to see it come to an end; I felt Larry had become my friend. This is a gem of a book, comparable to others that have become famous about France and Italy.

Clive Dawson (Austin, TX, USA)
I finished reading it a few days ago, and I can't tell you how very, very much I enjoyed it! I laughed many times. My favorite parts are too many to list here. Your race with Stevie Wonder just blew my mind! And the story about Jackie was wonderful. As a teenager who thought you were the coolest guy in the world with the best job anybody could want, I felt you were talking directly to me, and therefore that I knew you personally.

Jeanne Chase (Minneapolis MN, USA)
On my last visit to Mexico in September I read your book and thought it was extremely well written, funny, and inspiring.

Ruth Davis (New York NY, USA)
I greatly enjoyed your book. In fact I liked it so much, I bought a second copy as a birthday present for my son. I was fascinated by all that you wrote about, specially enjoyed the interviews with Stevie Wonder and Paul Anka. I was crazy about Paul Anka (I won't tell you how long ago that was!).

Skip Pettit (Maryland, USA)
I highly recommend this book -- for both young and old. It speaks of adventure and courage, and excitement and imagination. Larry's is a story suitable for ALL -- for all of us who imagine of someday overcoming adversity, and achieving GREATNESS!!! Enjoy the book everyone.

Nancy Kozlowski (Illinois, USA)
Larry Johnson's book shows the reader what we are all capable of doing when armed with a large dose of determination and optimism. He doesn't quit regardless of the adversity and he inspires the reader to do the same. He encourages us all to stop using excuses to be nonproductive and start living productive and fullfilling lives.

Dan Ramon (Dallas, TX, USA)
Now THIS is a great book. I loved it! As I read about his adventures, failures and successes, the people he met including the love of his life, and the fun he had along the way, I found myself rooting for him so much that I couldn't put it down. I also enjoyed the way he writes because it didn't even feel like I was reading, it was more like ing entertained by someone re-telling me some really great stories.

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