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Books by Larry P. Johnson

Book Cover: And That's How I See ItAnd That's How I See It

31 provocative, humorous and insightful commentaries from his popular newspaper column, including personal views, observations and insights on everything from disability, to raising children, to the value of optimism and hope, the absurdity of some television ads, the deceit by some commercial companies, the joy of simple acts of kindness, and the benefits of growing old.

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Book Cover: Inside My WorldInside My World

Come, step "Inside My World" as a blind child, teenager and young adult growing up in Chicago.

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Book Cover: You Can, If You Think You CanYou Can, If You Think You Can

Rebound From Adversity and Follow Your Dreams with Larry P. Johnson.

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Book Cover: Mexico By TouchMexico By Touch

A fascinating personal narrative of the people, places and customs which so deeply touched him as a blind teenage tourist, college student and professional radio deejay for more than 20 years.

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