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Perceptions of Disability Workshop

What We Feel Is What We Think

This workshop includes the following 5 sections. Customers may choose among any of the five.

One hour – 30 to 50 participants

"Pick A Disability" is a highly interactive module which exposes stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about disability and invites participants to share their ideas and feelings in an open and non-threatening atmosphere.

Participants choose from a list the disability which they’d be most comfortable with and the one which they’d be least comfortable with. The reasons for their choices are listed on a blackboard.

Facilitator leads a discussion about the apparent contradictions and about the dangerous practice of label-making. He gives a short quiz on myths and truths about disability and wraps up the session by offering some approaches and techniques for dealing with prejudice and stereotypical thinking.

One hour – 25 to 30 participants

"Empathy" deals with the value of good communication. It reveals how feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment about someone’s position, gender, minority status or disability can be a barrier to effective communication.

Group members take turns selecting and reading from a set of cards which ask them to respond to a question and may specify a certain behavior. Then they are asked to share their feelings with the group. Open discussion follows about how group members reacted to fellow members and why, about emotions commonly experienced by persons faced with unfamiliar situations and about having to deal with individuals who are different in some way from themselves.

Wrap-up focuses on techniques to improve communication and promote understanding and empathy.

One hour – 20 to 25 Participants

"Interview" is a workshop for administrators/supervisors who make hiring decisions involving persons with disabilities and minorities. It deals with those questions which can and cannot be asked, what the answers may actually mean, how to be aware of issues of etiquette and language, and how to become comfortable with basic ADA guidelines.

The "Interview" Module is an analysis exercise where participants review real interview questions and fill out a questionnaire. The module focuses on creating an atmosphere in the interview conducive to the positive flow of information between the interviewer and interviewee while, at the same time, following ADA guidelines.

Oe hour – 20 to 25 participants

"Story" invites participants to share personal stories or experiences they have had with persons with disabilities or with their own disability. It helps them realize that "persons with disabilities" are not "those people out there" (we-they) but potentially our family, friends, loved ones, and ourselves.

In telling their stories participants also share their feelings and attitudes about the experience. This reveals how we deal with the condition of disability or persons with disabilities, and what is learned can carry over to how we deal with or interact with customers, bosses and co-workers.

One hour – 25 to 30 participants

"Rumor" demonstrates how information can be distorted or changed because of personal bias, fears or failure to listen. It shows how gossip or rumors can cause trouble, turmoil and may even become self-fulfilling prophecies.

This section is my "Rumor Control" workshop. It is included as a part of this Workshop.

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