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Rumor Control Workshop

Causes, Consequences And Prevention

"Rumor" demonstrates how information can be distorted or changed because of personal bias, fears or failure to listen. It shows how gossip or rumors can cause trouble, turmoil and may even become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Facilitator conducts interactive group exercise. Following exercise facilitator leads discussion on why people start rumors. What are possible consequences of rumors? What kind of work environment do rumors create? What impact can rumors have on an individual’s reputation? On his/her job? On the organization/company?

How should we handle rumors? How can we prevent them?

What could be the benefits of a "rumor-free" workplace?

Workshop Outline

This workshop is one hour for 25 to 30 participants

  1. Describe group exercise
  2. Select volunteers to leave room
  3. Distribute copies of rumor to remaining participants
    1. Read rumor to group
    2. Instruct group to monitor changes to the rumor
  4. Invite volunteers who left room to return one by one
    1. Facilitator reads rumor to first returning participant
    2. Next returning participant listens to rumor from first
    3. Third returning participant listens to rumor from second, et.
  5. Discussion
    1. Comments from monitoring group on changes to rumor
    2. Reasons for changes and distortions
  6. Why do people start rumors?
  7. Possible consequences of rumors
    1. To an individual
    2. To the organization
  8. How to prevent and handle rumors
  9. Benefits of a rumor-free workplace
  10. Summary
  11. Evaluation

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Note: This one hour session is included in the "Perceptions of Disability" workshop.