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Stress Overload Workshop

Are You Burning Up And Burning Out?

Workshop Outline

  1. The Bad News …

    The tell-tale signs of "burn-out".

    Who is most vulnerable"?

    Are you burning out?

    Principle causes of burn-out

    The five stages of "burn-out".

    Common accelerators to "burn-out".

  2. The Good News …

    "Burn-out" is avoidable and reversible.

    Two approaches for dealing with "burn-out".

    Lifestyle changes which can help us escape "burn-out".

    How to reverse the energy drain and recharge our battery.

  3. From "burn-out" to Stress Overload

    Good stress v. Bad stress.

    Four types of stress signals.

    Common causes of stress.

    20 terrific tips for coping with stress.

  4. One Simple Key to Conquering "Burn-Out" and Stress Overload

    Learning to relax.

    A 10-min. instructor-led, guided, progressive relaxation exercise.

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